Regione dello Veneto

Where are we helping?

The northern region Veneto in Italy is the third-most COVID-19 affected region in the country. Crowded hospitals are in a state of emergency.


They are increasing the number of beds in the infectious ward, and opening provisional hospitals.

They are dealing with a lack of safety masks and blanket testing kits. Volunteer doctors and social workers are people in the front lines of the war with the infectious coronavirus. They are currently testing eleven thousand samples every day.


The main goal is to isolate the infected patients, and break the cycle of spreading this disease. 

We want to help and you can join us.


Make a difference, and JOIN #RideForItaly.


Complete the #RideForItaly, and we will donate 1 EUR to Veneto Region.

Transparent. Relevant.

All money will be donated to a transparent account for the region, which will then distribute the funds where they are most needed. Find out more HERE.

Bank: IBAN IT 71 V 02008 02017 000105889030

Reason: Sostegno Emergenza Coronavirus

Account holder: Regione del Veneto